Harsil – Taknaur Valley – Kyarkoti Lake Trek

Harsil falls just 20kms before Gangotri which is a famous Chardham yatra destination. Harsil is a small village and cantonment area home to a few. People have their summer homes in the village. Once the snow melts and the temperatures fall into the more pleasant category, the native villagers lock their winter villages some odd kms away from Harsil and transit here to spend the summers.

The place is mostly untouched. Many who come here mostly do not venture inside the unknown path. The villagers transit upto Kyarkoti Lake and back to Harsil everyday in search of a particular himalayan flower. They say the flowers have medicinal properties and also worship to their local deity. It is also believed that Lord Hanuman rests in the mountains surrounding Harsil.

The trek starts at the base of Harsil and moves up to Kyarkoti Lake in stages. Since this particular area is in a way untouched, the beauty is unmatched. The difficulty of the trek totally depends on your mindset. If you are ready to walk for long hours this trek is definitely for you.

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