Macro Expedition No.1 – Agumbe

It was early 2017.

I was in contact with YuwarajGurjar to involve me in the next macro destination. Yuwaraj always goes to Amboli and Goa. But this time we discussed to explore a new forest. We wanted to go someplace where people from Maharashtra have not explored it yet in a way for macro. Given the distance of Amboli from Mumbai/Pune, everyone was visiting Amboli as a biodiversity hotspot but not beyond. So it was… Read more »

My review of the Venus KX800

One of the key ingredients in photography is light. In macro it’s of prime importance. The light is going to shape your subject and create those stunning images.

Macro photography poses its own light challenges. The biggest is how you are going to push the light ahead and near the lens. When the flash unit sits on the hot shoe, it is pointing straight ahead. As you point near the subject,… Read more »