This meme has an inner meaning…And I explain why.

  How many times have you read or people say, “You should stop down the aperture to get sharp photos”? Use F22. Or something in those lines. Situation can get worse at times when using Raynox. The lens structure of Raynox makes taking larger than life photos somewhat difficult. People who use Raynox tend to stop down the aperture because bigger F number = greater DOF. The result? Well you do get the… Read more »

The Four Ws of Raynox

So you decided to step into the world of Macro Photography. Awesome! Now you have lot of options as to how to start your macro photography venture. There are many tools available viz. Reverse Ring.(In case we are using a DSLR) Extension Tubes.(In case we are using a DSLR) Filters. Proper Macro Lenses.(in the DSLR field.) Microscope objectives.(mostly in the DSLR field) Achromats. Out of the above I am going to… Read more »