Beyond Coffee – Coorg Macro 2018 – Part 2.

This is will be a small part. How is the resort? The rooms? We will come to that later. Right now, we are in a rush to take the photo of the Cicada.

The hotel staff had given us almost an entire block. The block was divided into separate rooms. The rain had slowed down a bit. The dry time was settling in. No time to waste. Literally dumped our bags for… Read more »

Beyond Coffee – Coorg Macro 2018

Anvay, where would you like to go next? I asked this question myself after Goa. Agumbe was done in July 2017. Goa was done in October 2017. 2018 at least one outstation macro trip had to be done. Go to the same places or experience something new? I decided to choose the latter. Checked with Yuwaraj sir and Vihang about their offerings. I have done Agumbe and Goa before with them… Read more »