Cannonball Tree Flower

CannonBall Tree Flower


Recently I got a chance to photograph a cannon ball tree flower or Naag Chafa as called in marathi. This is one of the most elegant flowers that I have seen. Nature surely knows how to create art.

Generally when photographing at close range, we face the problem of shallow DOF as the magnification crosses 1:1. To gain DOF there are two options.

The first is to bring down the DOF to say F14 and below and try to see if suitable DOF is achieved. In most of the cases the DOF is not achieved. That is why many macro photographers use the stacking method to achieve proper DOF.

Stacking is a method where several images are taken at different DOF intervals and then stacked or combined together either in photoshop or exclusive stacking programs. There are two main stacking programs, ZereneStacker and Helicon Focus. I use both and find each program unique.

It takes a lot of patience to stack these photos and then blend into one. I am attaching the gifs so you will now see exactly how the DOF behaves. I am going to put up another post later about stacking procedures.

stamonide-stack stamen-stack main-flower-stack 14-07-08_183328_M=B_R=8_S=4-copy 2014-07-06-15.27-copy final-stack-1-copy