My review of the Venus KX800

One of the key ingredients in photography is light. In macro it’s of prime importance. The light is going to shape your subject and create those stunning images.

Macro photography poses its own light challenges. The biggest is how you are going to push the light ahead and near the lens. When the flash unit sits on the hot shoe, it is pointing straight ahead. As you point near the subject,… Read more »

Cannonball Tree Flower

CannonBall Tree Flower


Recently I got a chance to photograph a cannon ball tree flower or Naag Chafa as called in marathi. This is one of the most elegant flowers that I have seen. Nature surely knows how to create art.

Generally when photographing at close range, we face the problem of shallow DOF as the magnification crosses 1:1. To gain DOF there are two options.

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The Four Ws of Raynox

So you decided to step into the world of Macro Photography. Awesome! Now you have lot of options as to how to start your macro photography venture. There are many tools available viz. Reverse Ring.(In case we are using a DSLR) Extension Tubes.(In case we are using a DSLR) Filters. Proper Macro Lenses.(in the DSLR field.) Microscope objectives.(mostly in the DSLR field) Achromats. Out of the above I am going to… Read more »

Close-up Photography is NOT Macro Photography.

There is a Difference between Macro Photography and Close-up Photography.

Seldom when people get interested into macro photography, they get confused between close-up photography and macro photography. I have been there myself. I am going to share my experiences with some simple examples here. (more…)

Finally on the Internet!

I am finally on the Internet.Woohoo.

After lot of dilly dallying,postponing and consideration, I finally decided to make my own website. Since it is new, I will require some time to run to its fullest capacity. Expect more blog posts regarding my photography and other experiences. I thank you in advance for visiting my website.   Anvancy