Hi. I’m Anvay Nakade. I am a hobbyist photographer based in Pune, India. I specialize in Macro and Automotive Photography categories.

Almost every person to whom I have introduced my photography side, has asked me this question at least once. What is the meaning of “Anvancy”? So I will first clear up the mystery behind this weird name. As I have stated below, I used to draw right from my childhood. In my school days, my sister was a big fan of the Nancy Drew novels. She came up with the idea to give my creativity a totally unique identity, which should not be known by my actual name. She mixed my name with Nancy and thus the identity of Anvancy was born. The name has no in depth meaning, At that point of time, I liked the name and decided to move it forward. Till this day I have kept Anvancy as a parallel identity for my own work.

I always felt I had certain of percentage of creativity in me right from childhood. Like many creative people, I used my creative energies in drawing trains and buses in my school. I still remember I used to complete the test quick, just to get time to draw on the back of the question paper. Back in my childhood, my father bought a Fujifilm film camera. I was instantly obsessed with this gadget of mystery. A gadget which could freeze moments of your joy and shock and downright silliness was beyond my understanding. So began the journey of photography.

Fast forward, my first digital camera was not some Sony or Canon, but a Pentax. The Pentax gave me company during my initial graduation years. The level of detail and colours that the Pentax provided was way ahead of the competition. As I developed my skills on the Pentax (what skills can you really develop on a pocket camera anyway? ha-ha), my father gifted me a true point and shoot – the Fujifilm S6500FD. I spent close to 4 years building up my skills. It is on the fuji that I started specializing in macro-photography. Slowly and steadily, learning the skills and implementing them, I knew I was ready for the big guns – DSLR. Took out my every penny, took the difference as a loan from my mom, bought my DSLR; the canon 550D. I have used the 550D literally to its limits. Drenched the camera like a fool in the rains, used in low temperatures, kept it in dangerous places, and it has always survived. “Touch wood”.

I always try to do something new. Let it be replicate pro photographers photos (everybody do it…DUH!), plan out concepts and try to implement them, or just plain aim and shoot. As of today I consider myself a hobbyist photographer and have certain specialization in macro and automotive photography.

Besides photography, I keep myself busy in composing music. I am keenly interested in concentrating some of my creative juices in this particular section. The progress is damn slow but acceptable. I am also an amateur drummer and an amateur trekker. Went for trekking at Harsil and Auli.

Alumni of :

Dr. Kalmadi Shamrao High School – Batch 2005.

Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce – Batch 2008.

MIT School of Business – Batch 2010.

Contact me if you have an assignment that will require my expertise.



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